• Death Row Stories//JigSaw + Sundance//CNN

    Death Row Stories//JigSaw + Sundance//CN

    Seth Penalver dropped to the floor and wept in his chair when a Florida jury declared him not guilty in the shooting deaths of…

  • Years of Living Dangerously//Roaring Fork Films//Showtime

    Years of Living Dangerously//Roaring For

    Climate change is one of today's most hotly debated topics, not only in America but around the world. This series features firsthand accounts from…

  • Taking Aim//Marie Claire

    Taking Aim//Marie Claire

    16 year old gun enthusiast, Katie Francis, takes Marie Claire through her day.

  • Last Time I Saw Her//Marie Claire

    Last Time I Saw Her//Marie Claire

    Gun violence survivors tell their stories of the last time they saw their loved ones.

  • Stop the Burning//Avoided Deforestation Partners + U.N.

    Stop the Burning//Avoided Deforestation

    Short film opener for Prince Charles at United Nations for COP21 climate conference about deforestation. Narrated by Jane Goodall.