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    Pairing up with dancers from Beyonce's dance troupe, Sleep No More, and choreographer Alexandra Diamani, (Alvin Ailey, Black Swan) and composition by Gingger Shankar…

  • New Jim Crow//ASPIREist//USA Network

    New Jim Crow//ASPIREist//USA Network

    Clint Smith visits a prison to examine the relationship between race, prison terms and the fact that the United States has the largest prison…

  • True Life: I’m a Go-Go God//Gigantic!//MTV Networks

    True Life: I’m a Go-Go God//Gigant

    you’ll meet two of the hottest go-go boys who bare it all for money dancing at gay bars and clubs around the world. But…

  • Weediquette//Viceland


    Krishna travels to Colorado, meeting families who've relocated to seek medical pot and starry-eyed ganjapreneurs trying to strike gold in America's Marijuana capital.

  • Death Row Stories//JigSaw + Sundance//CNN

    Death Row Stories//JigSaw + Sundance//CN

    Seth Penalver dropped to the floor and wept in his chair when a Florida jury declared him not guilty in the shooting deaths of…

  • Years of Living Dangerously//Roaring Fork Films//Showtime

    Years of Living Dangerously//Roaring For

    Climate change is one of today's most hotly debated topics, not only in America but around the world. This series features firsthand accounts from…

  • Taking Aim//Marie Claire

    Taking Aim//Marie Claire

    16 year old gun enthusiast, Katie Francis, takes Marie Claire through her day.